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Peripheral OCT Assisted by Scleral Depression in Retinopathy of Prematurity

VidClip of visualization of the peripheral retina during ROP screening using scleral depression and OCT. En face views and cross-sectional scans are shown simultaneously in real time. The scleral depressor, seen prior to image acquisition, provides indentation throughout this process and facilitates view of peripheral vasculature. This video demonstrates the rapid acquisition time of the investigational portable handheld OCT system.

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“Corneal edema” by Kasi Sandhanam (Senior Ophthalmic Imaging Specialist, Imaging Department, Singapore National Eye Centre, Singapore) was the Second place winner in the Slit lamp Photography Category at Ophthalmic Photographers’ Society 2021 Scientific Exhibition. Equipment: Topcon Photo Slit lamp, Model No: SL-D8Z, Japan.


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